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Dog Poop Pickup


We make happy feet for you and your pets! How you ask? By providing exceptional outdoor dog waste removal services for westside Indianapolis and nearby areas. We make it possible for you to enjoy a clean and fresh outdoor space without any worries. Now, new customers can enjoy our highly-rated once-a-week service, starting at an affordable price of just $14.95 per week. Say goodbye to the hassle of dog waste cleanup and reclaim your time and your yard today. Order online now and experience the joy of clean yards and happy feet!

Dog poop clean up

Imagine A Clean And Healthy Yard!



Choose between weekly, or bi-weekly service plans, or just a one-time clean-up. (Please note if you want service more than once per week, simply let us know and we will craft a plan to fit your needs). With no contracts for you to worry about, our poop scooping service brings peace of mind and sparkling yards for you, your family, and your pets to enjoy year round.

Pooper Scooper

Enjoy Your Time

There is no need to stay home waiting for us; as long as we can get access to your yard, we can pick up and remove the pet waste in your absence. All you’ll notice is a fresh, clean-smelling yard, ready for when you step outside.

We are very flexible, and remember: no contracts – which means you can cancel anytime.

Leave the mess to us to clean so you can enjoy your time doing the things you love. Order now hassle-free online. No need to call, simply click on the "order now" button and sign up instantly. Order today and get your first week of pet waste cleanup absolutely free! Call for more details: 317-376-1993

Our rates may be adjusted according to size of property. Average sized yards are less than 11,000 square feet (or roughly a quarter of an acre). Yards larger than this may incur a slight additional charge. Note: if your yard is larger than 11,000 square feet, or if you're not sure the size, we recommend contacting us before signing up online. If you desire service more than once per week simply let us know and we will craft a plan to fit your needs.


In addition to our pet waste cleanup service, we can also deodorize your yard or apply non-toxic flea and tick applications during the months of May, June, July, August and September. All we need is access to your outside water outlet to apply the spray applications. We can also spray off your deck, leaving your outdoors smelling fresh and clean. Head to the PLANS AND PRICING page to sign up today or call 317-376-1993.

yard deodorizer flea tick spray
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Commercial Services For Business

We provide commercial services for pet waste removal for a variety of locations. Apartment complexes, Condominiums, and subdivisions: Pet waste management is a common problem for apartment and condominium owners. Even with posted signs, many pet owners admit to not picking up after their own pet. Leaving dog waste unattended can cause liability problems for property owners.

In addition to the smell and appearance, dog poop can be a deterrent for potential renters or homebuyers who come to look at your property. Keep things clean, tidy, and safe with our professional pooper scooper service to keep your property looking beautiful and fresh.


Dog Parks: Dog parks are a fun place for dogs to play and pet owners to mingle, but unfortunately, not all owners clean up after their own pets. Pet feces left behind can

cause problems for other dogs who may ingest it, and cause a mess for other park attendees. For popular dog parks, pooper scooping daily or every other day is critical to maintaining a healthy environment for dogs and owners.

Due to the large variation between site sizes and waste volume, we quote our commercial services after performing a FREE site evaluation and consultation to determine your service needs.

Call us today for your free commercial quote

(317) 376-1993

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