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Why do I have to fill out the contact information form?

You will need to fill out the contact information form on the plans and pricing page even if you have already entered your billing information when signing up for services. The billing information you enter when signing up is strictly confidential and only for the purpose of the the credit card processing company. We cannot see or access that information! You will need to fill out our contact information form with your address, phone number, day/days of week you prefer before we can service your yard. 


Do you provide free estimates?

For your convenience we have created a contact-less option of signing up for our services. Simply fill out the questionnaire here on the website along with your payment details and you are ready to go, no in-person estimate required. However, if your yard is larger than 11,000 square feet we will need to come to your house first to do a free estimate. Also, if you want more than 1 x per week service you will need to call us before signing up. Of course, we are always more than happy to meet with you in person to explain our services and to answer any questions you may have.


Call us Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM.

Or you can email us anytime at


Is my first week of pet waste cleanup/removal service really free?


Yes, when you sign up for a weekly service plan, your first week of service is absolutely free as long as there are no more than two buckets of pet waste to clean up. If there are more than than two buckets there will be a one-time cleanup fee of $65. If you think you have more than two buckets of pet waste to cleanup in your yard, we recommend calling first before signing up for weekly service.  

How does your pricing work?

One dog     - $14.95

Two dogs    - $16

Three dogs - $18

Four dogs   - $20


If you require more than once per week cleaning, contact us and we will craft a custom plan to fit your needs and budget. If your yard is larger than 11,000 sq feet a small additional charge may be applied. We suggest that you call us first if your yard is larger than a quarter of an acre before signing up on the website. If you have already signed up and your yard is extremely large, no worries, we will discuss possible solutions.

Do we have to be home?


No one needs to be present when we are scooping. We do ask that your pets be safely put away before our scoopsters arrive. You will receive a message that our scoopsters are on their way and another message when they are finished for the day. If you have a locked entrance to your yard we ask that you keep it unlocked on your scheduled day/days or provide us with an access code. Our scoopsters will be happy to lock up afterwards per your request.


Do you scoop in the winter?


Yes, our scoopsters work all year round in every season. However, we do ask in the autumn season that you keep your yard free of leaves to the best of your ability since the leaves make it harder to find all of the droppings. Also, please note that in the winter if there is heavy snow some of the waste may be hidden under the snow. Not to worry, as soon as the snow melts, our scoopsters will be able to see it and will pick it up on the next scheduled day.


Can dog waste be used as fertilizer?


Canine feces potentially carry the following diseases:

  • Roundworms

  • Gairdiasis

  • Whipworms

  • Hookworms

  • Parvo


It is strongly not recommended to use dog waste as a fertilizer. Even if the waste doesn't have any of those diseases, it has 23 million fecal coliform bacteria on average per waste pile. Our scoopsters clean and disinfect their equipment after scooping each yard to prevent the potential spread of any diseases.


Do you take the waste with you?



Yes, our scoopsters cleanup and collect all of the waste and take it with them and safely dispose of it each day when they are finished. As mentioned above, our scoopsters clean and disinfect their equipment after each yard cleanup to prevent the potential spread of diseases.

Can we schedule our own day?


We will do our best to schedule service the day that you prefer as long as it is available. If not available, we will schedule on the next available day.  

Do I need to keep my grass short?

For best results we recommend maintaining the grass length within the range of 1 to 2 inches. This makes it easier for the scoopsters to spot the waste piles and remove them.  

Still have questions? Call us or email us today 317-376-1993

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