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Dog’s Evoke Deep Emotions Within Us

Updated: Apr 4

Yesterday, Tom took Max for a stroll down our neighborhood lane. As they walked, the sounds of kids playing soccer in a nearby backyard brought back memories of Michael, who used to play in our yard. Despite being a better tennis player, Michael loved soccer and would gather his friends for a match.

Max, excited by the commotion, pulled at his leash, prompting Tom to let him off. Max eagerly approached the players, but returned to Tom with drooping ears, clearly disappointed that they weren't Michael or his friends. It seemed Max had hoped to see familiar faces on the field.

Later, when I returned home, I found Max despondent on the sofa, and as Tom recounted the incident, we both felt emotional. It was evident that Max remembered Michael and missed him deeply. This revelation made me wonder about other triggers that evoke memories for him, much like they do for us.

Fast forward two days, Tom found himself at a gas station where he encountered a young man who appeared to be short on money for a cold drink. Moved by empathy, Tom approached the young man and offered him a couple of dollars, thinking of how he could have been someone's son, maybe even reminiscent of Michael in some way.

However, as Tom approached, he noticed the young man was in tears. When asked, the young man revealed that his dog had been taken away by animal control four days ago. He had been on the streets with the dog for four years, and losing it left him broken and lonely. Tom empathized, having experienced the bond between a person and their dog firsthand.

This story left me in tears as Tom recounted it. Despite uncertainties about the circumstances, it was clear the young man cherished his dog deeply, just as Michael had cherished Max. It made me reflect on how much Michael had longed for a dog and the guilt I felt for not getting him one sooner. Dogs offer unconditional love, and their presence can provide comfort and companionship during life's challenges. It's a lesson we could all learn from.

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